COST Action FA1406 (2015-2019)

Special Issue Botanica Marina

Volume 60, Issue 2 (Apr 2017)

Special issue: Phycomorph: macroalgal development and morphogenesis

Issue editors: Thomas Wichard and Christos Katsaros



85: Thomas Wichard and Christos Katsaros. Phycomorph: macroalgal development and morphogenesis



89: Xiaojie Liu, Kenny Bogaert, Aschwin H. Engelen, Frederik Leliaert, Michael Y. Roleda and Olivier De Clerck. Seaweed reproductive biology: environmental and genetic controls

109: Neusa Martins, Heidi Tanttu, Gareth A. Pearson, Ester A. Serrão and Inka Bartsch. Interactions of daylength, temperature and nutrients affect thresholds for life stage transitions in the kelp Laminaria digitata (Phaeophyceae)

123: Christos Katsaros, Anne Weiss, Ira Llangos, Ioannis Theodorou and Thomas Wichard. Cell structure and microtubule organisation during gametogenesis of Ulva mutabilis Føyn (Chlorophyta)

137: Jessie F. Lauze and Whitney E. Hable. Impaired growth and reproductive capacity in marine rockweeds following prolonged environmental contaminant exposure

149: Jessie F. Lauze and Whitney E. Hable. Delayed growth and cell division in embryos of Fucus vesiculosus after parental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and metals


Development and morphogenesis

153: Izumi C. Mori, Yoko Ikeda, Takakazu Matsuura, Takashi Hirayama and Koji Mikami. Phytohormones in red seaweeds: a technical review of methods for analysis and a consideration of genomic data

171: Katharina Bürger, Elisabeth L. Clifford and Michael Schagerl. Morphological changes with depth in the calcareous brown alga Padina pavonica

181: Anna Fricke, Terue C. Kihara and Mona Hoppenrat. Studying mesoalgal structures: a non-destructive approach based on confocal laser scanning microscopy

197: Anne Weiss, Rodrigo Costa and Thomas Wichard. Morphogenesis of Ulva mutabilis (Chlorophyta) induced by Maribacter species (Bacteroidetes, Flavobacteriaceae)


Techniques and applications

207: Priit Kersen, Tiina Paalme, Liina Pajusalu and Georg Martin. Biotechnological applications of the red alga Furcellaria lumbricalis and its cultivation potential in the Baltic Sea

219: Shai Shefer, Alvaro Israel, Alexander Golberg and Alexandra Chudnovsky. Carbohydrate-based phenotyping of the green macroalga Ulva fasciata using near-infrared spectrometry: potential  implications for marine biorefinery 

229: Alexander Lubsch and Klaas Timmermans. Texture analysis of Laminaria digitata (Phaeophyceae) thallus reveals trade-off between tissue tensile strength and toughness along lamina


4 more papers linked to this special issue

Volume 60, Issue 3 (June 2017)

Graiff, Angelika / Dankworth, Marie / Wahl, Martin / Karsten, Ulf / Bartsch, Inka. Seasonal variations of Fucus vesiculosus fertility under ocean acidification and warming in the western Baltic Sea

Sfriso, Andrea Augusto / Gallo, Michele / Baldi, Franco. Seasonal variation and yield of sulfated polysaccharides in seaweeds from the Venice Lagoon

Sfriso, Andrea Augusto / Sfriso, Adriano. In situ biomass production of Gracilariaceae and Ulva rigida: The Venice Lagoon as a study case

Orfanidis S., Iveša L., Gounaris S., Tsioli S., Devescovi M., Papathanasiou V. Cystoseira scale-based biometric relationships.