COST Action FA1406 (2015-2019)

Working Group 3: Towards adult growth

WG3: Towards adult growth

Studying the kinetics and morphological principles of adult growth

Leader : Dr Thomas Wichard (DE) Vice-leader : Dr Helena Abreu (PT)


Investigations into morphogenesis (cell division, elongation, differentiation and death) will define the developmental checkpoints to use as targets for the controlled production of seaweed biomass by vegetative growth and sub-culturing. Chemicals with morphogenetic activities will be identified using metabolic profiling (exo/endo metabolome fingerprinting). “Bioassay-guided” approaches and "comparative metabolic profiling" will be combined to identify diffusible molecules involved in morphogenesis. Furthermore, the survival of seaweeds in harsh conditions (e.g. in ship ballast, without renewed sea water and light for several months) will be particularly investigated, as this contributes largely to the propagation of exotic invasive species.

Final report

Slides presented at the final meeting, 13 March 2019, Brussels